Tough Week

Hey gang,

I'm not sure if it was because of my allergic reaction to Oxaliplatin last Friday, the ascites, or an impaction, but this last week really sucked. I was pretty miserable.

I hadn't been able to eat for a long time and it got to the point where I couldn't even keep water down. My belly was swollen up like a balloon. On Tuesday my sister came down from PA and we went to the ER at Penn after calling my onc. The ER was packed, but they got me in after about 3 hours. Luckily I had a room, the ER was so packed they had ten people getting treated in the hallways! The poor lady outside my door was there the whole time I was :-(

I stayed there that night and most of the next since the hospital had no rooms left. They poured liters of saline into me and gave me a paracentisis Wednesday. They drained 5 liters of fluid from my abdomen - nothing like losing 12 pounds in half an hour :-o In the middle of the night Thursday they moved me to the Onc floor. I saw some of the nurses and aides that were so kind to me when I spent January there.

I felt a ton better but still was uncomfortable when I got home Thursday. I had really bad constipation which I never do. When I could go, it was rock hard marbles. I did a couple of rounds of milk of magnesia and drank a ton of water. I ended up clearing wayyy in excess of what I should have based on the minimal food I had over the last few weeks. I think I was carrying that crap around for a long time.

Feeling much better now that I am hydrated and not all swollen up. I'm hoping this was just a glitch and not the beginning of "the slide"...

Strength and Love!



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    Tough Week
    Hi Ray: I hope you get better soon. Just a blip, not the long slide - you are doing too well! I just finished the 11th oxaliplatin + irenotecan + 5FU treatment. HOpe I only have one more. The oncologist says if I'm stable (no new growth of those pesky nodules on the peritoneum), then I can have a chemo break; if there is more shrinkage, then nope, more chemo as that is a good sign (but can I afford it?); if growth, well, don't know! We're still talking surgery to remove the peritoneum - I would rather just have the nodules removed so I can get this incisional hernia fixed (more of a pian than the cancer!).

    Have you heard of anyone who had peritoneum nodules removed/treated with radiation?

    I think I asked you what omentum caking was? I don't have that nor the ascites for some reason.

    get well!

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    Hi Ray,
    as Cheryl has said,

    Hi Ray,
    as Cheryl has said, I too trust that it was a glitch in the road. I'. *so* glad that you are feeling so much better now.
    Thinkin' of ya.