34 years ago today

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I was just thinking - Jim and I were married 34 years ago today and we never could have imagined where our walk would take us.

In retrospect, we definitely would have to say that although we would have preferred cancer not enter our lives (either through Jim or the many loved ones who have had cancer), we are closer today than we have ever been or might have been without the common fight.

Hoping everyone has a blessed day - we certainly are!


  • jim and i
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    Love can overcome all
    Congrats on your enduring love. (My) Jim and I have celebrated 28 years together (35 if you count the dating phase). This last few months we have gone from mourning the loss of the future retirement plan we had to celebrating the wonderful years we have shared together. Our retirement plans have been postponed but not thrown out and maybe some new ones made. The one lesson we have learned is this: Never put off enjoying today for tomorrow, and anything we do together is wonderful and a gift to be savored.

    Blessings to you and Jim.

  • Jan Trinks
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    Congrats on your long marriage. Charlie and I were married for 35 years on June 28, 2010. At least we made that milestone together before this beast took him! We were together 38 1/2 years counting the dating phase! And we were so blessed even during the cancer times and he did have a 1 1/2 years remission so I still count him as a survivor. Enjoy! every moment is precious!

    Jan (Basketcase)
  • Hondo
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    Blessing of a Caregiver
    We many never know the value of true love that holds two people together through out the many years of trials that come with living. But we do know that when one falls to sickness the other is there to pick them up. Love is then better expressed in words of kindness and deeds to them we care for and commit out entire like to. Then we who are the ones falling by sickness can see what true love is all about in the eyes of our caregivers, for the value of true love is that place in their heart. My Caregiver Wife and Best Friend and I have been married 37 years and how she still puts up with me is a mystery found only in the eyes of true love.

    God’s blessing to all who are Caregivers
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    Happy Anniversary.
  • buzz99
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    Congratulations on 34 years of marriage. Buzz and I have been married 38 years and feel a closer bond after our experience with cancer and its treatment. We don't take each other for granted anymore. Guess there is a silver lining to everything. Karen