OT Warm Fuzzies

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Danny and I have really been churning out the blankets again. The new infusion center has beautiful windows and was rather warm this summer. But now it's getting cooler. We just donated 2 dozen and have about 20 more when they finish handing those out. I still really get a big kick out of it. And, forgive my chemo brain, but thanks again to the Kindred who suggested "Warm Fuzzies" because everyone smiles when they read the little card that we attach.

Danny is such a help. Mr. Engineer has his special way of making the blankets so that he can precisely cut more than one at a time. I can't do his way, but, if you ask me, I'm faster anyway ;-)

And we have gotten very good about finding coupons and sales. This year (nod to Vicki Sam), we even found Saints and LSU fabric at a great price.

And I have a new goal. I have never ever used a sewing machine, but I am going to take a class so I can learn to make matching hats.

I also bumped into a lady at Hancock's who wants to help and she just emailed me that she made 3 blankets. It would be even better if I could get folks working on this so that it is a sustainable program.


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    Think of it this way, even
    Think of it this way, even 10 year olds can sew so you can too! Just start simple.
    Good luck starting your program. If you advertise they will come. People like to help a good cause.
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    love it
    What a wonderful, sweet, awesome and generous thing to do! I'm sure it's very appreciated.