Some Stage IV Good News

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When my husband was diagnosed as Stage IV EC in late June of this year, we had 3 days to make a decision on buying trip insurance and making final payment on a trip we had planned for almost a year. Of course, at the time we felt completely blind-sided, horrified, and devastated. But then, we decided as an act of faith and as something to look forward to through chemo, it would be worth it to go ahead and plunk the money down. (Good thing we didn't know at the time how much out of pocket chemo costs or we would have probably faltered.) He just finished his 5th round of chemo Monday and for the last month has been feeling better than just before being diagnosed. A PET scan after the 4th round showed nothing in the esophagus and less lighting up in fewer and smaller lymph nodes. So, with the oncologist's blessing, he's going to take a 4 week chemo break. We leave Saturday and fly to Rome, then will be cruising on a smallish ship to Sicily, Tunisia, Malta, Rhodes, Crete, Turkey, and Cyprus. We are SO excited and grateful! We've talked about this SO much during the last 4 months and it's really happening! Wish us luck!
I'll be keeping you all in my prayers.


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    Oh my how delightful! What
    Oh my how delightful! What wonderful news - especially for me knowing that my mom (84) is just starting her chemo/rads road. We are awaiting a PICC line, then it starts.

    You will love love love your trip!!!!! Take a bazillion photos!
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    What a GREAT trip!
    I'm envious. That sounds like the trip of a lifetime! Have a wonderful time. Hope your husband is able to remain strong and upbeat. Can't imagine how he could be otherwise on a trip like that.

    I agree with Ginny. Take a bazillion photos and share them with us land locked folk when you return :)

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    That is great news Angie!! This sounds like the trip of a lifetime and good for you for going ahead with the plan! I hope you have a wonderful trip and have some great time together - just the two of you.
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    We were diagnosed at the same time. I am doing NO chemo or radiation. I am so glad to hear your husbands strength is coming back and he is going to be UP for this trip! Also that his chemo went so well, and that he gets this chemo break! Well deserved and well earned!

    As for this trip; I am So happy for the two of you!
    I wish you ALL the luck in this world!
    Thank God you bought that trip now!!

    THAT is fate. That is God working in his life and yours, too.

    You two go and make some of the best memories that money CAN buy on this trip (lol) and the others that always mean more, that will come without any effort or dollars.

    I am seriously so happy that you get to go to some of these places that I have dreamed of seeing. I am glad I went to Europe back in the 90's when I had the chance. I have lived in Mexico and been to almost all 50 states. I am waiting to see MANY pictures from these place, too by the way.

    God bless you both and GO GO GO!
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    We planned a 21 day Alaska trip after Tom's chemo/rad and two clear surgery. It was wonderful.
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    It sounds like a wonderful
    It sounds like a wonderful trip! Have a great time and leave your worries behind. Wishing you all the best,
    Wife of Rickie,dx stage IV EC, Oct. 2010
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    Have a wonderful trip ===
    Have a wonderful trip === enjoy and relax. You both are so lucky to be able to take this trip together.

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    So pleased
    You guys have a

    So pleased
    You guys have a wonderful time, take loads of photos, this sounds like the best trip ever enjoy!!!, leave the chemo and cancer behind and just relax.
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    Wonderful news
    OMG Angie

    Have a fantastic time. You both deserve it so much.

    What wonderful news you have gotten, you are truly blessed.


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    Great, great , great!
    Go for it, enjoy it all, from preparation to unpacking...LOVE THIS!
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    jojoshort said:

    Great, great , great!
    Go for it, enjoy it all, from preparation to unpacking...LOVE THIS!

    Have a fabulous time! I am
    Have a fabulous time! I am sure you will make some wonderful memories.