Bone pain and neulasta

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Sorry if I already posted this - not sure where it went - I'm new to this forum stuff - Anyway - Just trying to be helpful to those who have significant bone pain from neulasta - my chemo nurses told me to take claritin once a day, and naproxen twice a day, for several days before and after the injection. I just kept taking the claritin every day as I was having allergy type symptoms, I think from the taxotere, and I have had next to no pain. If I feel a bit achy, I take more Alleve (naproxen)- hope this is helpful to those who have been suffering.


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    Hello Kfp,

    Hello Kfp,
    Welcome to the board. Glad to see you are doing well. And thank you for posting this info. There are always new posters that are looking for this kind of info. It is always very helpful. Thank you again. When do you start Rads? I too was done with Herceptin in June ( last June ) Have a great weekend Take care Kay,
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    Interesting that your Dr reccommended Claritin. I've always been surprised that I didn't have any bone pain from the Neulasta shots when everybody I know complains about that. Maybe Claritin is the reason...I had my chemo in the spring when every year I'm on Claritin for my allergies. I got severe bone pain when I started Taxol and Herceptin though. I think it was mostly the Taxol, but some of it lasted until a month or two after I finished the Herceptin.

    Good luck to all you ladies that are at the beginning of the journey, it's worth it in the end!
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    bone pain with neulasta
    I was told to take claritin too but it did not help me... My oncologist did not want me to take alleve he would rather have me take hydroco/apap 5-325 instead and told me after treatment I can go back to taking alleve... not sure why but the hydroco/apap 5-325 helped a lot with the back pain...
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    I took Claritin too.....
    and never had a pain. I took it the day of chemo and for 10 days after. I got my neulasta shot the day after chemo. I heard about taking Claritin on the board here and it really works!!!

    Love and Light,