Chemotherapy's Role in MFH Sarcoma

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I'm posting on behalf of my mother who was diagnosed with high-grade MFH in her left thigh in May. Since that time she's had 5 weeks worth of radio and then had successful surgery to remove the tumor from her thigh. It was the size of a rugby ball. Right now she's recovering from the surgery (clear margins too!). And we've had some consultations with the chemo doctors, but they've basically said there's no tangible evidence to suggest it helps this kinda of cancer.

It's a really hard time for our family right now and I wear this around my neck like a piano thinking about it 24/7. I've been google at nausea about the cancer, the sarcoma..etc nad now trying to nail down some info on the impact chemo has on 5 year survival rates.

Anyone have any good info they could point me too or any other tips..etc? I feel for everyone here. My heart breaks thinking about it all.


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    Same Type of Rare Cancer
    Hi there,
    I had the exact same type of cancer that you listed, except the tumor was in my upper right thigh. I also had radiation for 5 weeks pre-op and then had the surgery. In my case, I had two surgeries. The first removed the tumor and then the biopsy was conducted that determined the mass was malignant. The second surgery was to ensure there was no residual cancer left in my leg. The surgeon told me all the tissue that was excised was normal with no sign of any cancer cells. I was also told that chemo was not shown to be beneficial for this type of surgery. The most important thing for me was prayer and trust in the Lord. This alone has really carried me through this. God bless you and yours.
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    Chemotherapy's Role in MFH Sarcoma

    Hi finned and bletchly, are either of you still on?? my husband is just beginning his journey with MFH and though he hasn't been recommended to have chemo yet, I just have a feeling it may come. And I've read much about it not working on UPS. Please send updates and how you are doing. 

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    Cheotherapy's Role in MFH Sarcoma

    I had 2 surgeries to clean margins for tumor in upper left thigh... Initially diagnosed as lyposarcoma, but must have been a pseudo sarcoma ... am 20 years clear.  I found a mass of good information in the Sarcoma Alliance     ... link =   Homepage - Sarcoma Alliance

    .... hope this helps   .... Art