Anxious and Nervous!

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I have been going through chemo for 16 months. The last 10 months I have been on Avastin for maintenance. The last CT I had was on March 31st, and it was clear! Now, in a couple weeks I will have another one to determine my cancer! I am scared! I have lots of side affects with all my, my emotions are getting in the way and my attitude is fading......I don't take any anti-depressants, wanted to wait to see what the CT says. Before I was active and now I am like lazy and worried. I like people around...then, I don't think of my cancer so much. I pray alot....I just don't know what to doctors know s all week is my last chemo ( in phase 2 ) My doctor says I have a good prognosis, but I know how this disease works. Maybe I should listen more to the doctor and read less on the internet! I appetite is less, I think just nerves!
I should add I was first diagnosed in June 2010, surgery-full hysterectomy in June 2010, chemo carbo/taxol/avastin started in June 2010. Just need some good!How can I get through the next two weeks? I have friends cooming for my last chemo next week, I want to be positive and up-beat and it is just not there.....not even a glass of wine helps... I am on Caringbridge and I have so much support.....I am spoiled....I just can't get rid of this feeling!! HELP!


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    Anxious and Nervous
    Hi: I'm not sure what kind of cancer you have but as you were on carb/taxol at one point it must be primary peritoneum cancer? I can't help you there because I have secondary peritoneum cancer from gallbladder cancer seeding (diagnosed early in 2010). But I have been on chemo for well over a year now (two different treatments) and sometimes feel the same as you. I have two more chemo treatments (I think!), one on Friday and then 2 weeks after that. But I'm not sure what the next treatment will be as there is so little known about this disease. My chemo regime is different from yours - I'm on oxaliplatin + irenotecan + 5FU (pump) which has some nasty side effects. I'm just looking for the end of chemo for awhile and some answers to what the next treatment will be - more chemo? surgery? It is completely natural to feel anxious and helpless at this stage. One problem is that our doctors don't always keep us in the loop! I've overheard my oncologist talk about me to his colleages (in very positive terms) but not to me!!!! I guess we both need to demand some answers - don't leave his/her office without them!
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    Hi Carolyn,
    I don't think

    Hi Carolyn,

    I don't think we'vbe met (unless it's my memory again!) so welcome.

    I understand you'r feeling anxious. It's totally understandable. Do you have support at all? I hope that you do. I have pallative counsellor call on me and find that a great help. Have you made enquiries about such a support for you?

    Speak here as often as you like. I try to keep in touch here but not always possible, but will try to stay onboard.

    Take very good care and know that you are definitely not alone on this path (((( ))))