Gabrielle's Angel Ball raised 3.3 millions last night for the cure!

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Hi sisters -- Last night I volunteered to be part of the Angel Ball event where many rich people attend and donate money for a cure. My job was to help identify tables that were bidding. There were a few celebrities, like Kim Kardashian, Naomi Campball, among others. It was a gala event so it was fancy! I had fun. They raised 3.3 million dollars for cancer research and the money will go to Memorial Sloan-Kettering, my hospital. I was excited when I saw how many people donated their money for this - I know they're rich, but they could have used up their money for something else. I still think we need more support and we definitely need money to go to the right places.

Gabrielle was a young women (26) who died from leukemia 15 years ago. And her last wish was to celebrate life. To read more about this go here:

For a video of the event go here

I got to walk away with a nice gift bag with tons of products in it. So that was nice.

I also thought of all of you. It was emotional for me to see Gabrielle's mom speak.


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    Thank you for volunteering
    Thank you for volunteering your time to do this! And, that is a lot of money!

    Great post and thanks again!