High ALP level leading to CAT scan, bone scan and mammo all tomorrow :-(

evsmom Member Posts: 11
A large blood work up on Friday is now leading to a CAT and bone scan and mammo, all tomorrow. My Alkaline Phosphatase levels were 10x the norm - 1,495. Dr. ordered it again and still resulted in the 1400's. She called me today after discussing with the Chief of Med and a GI doc (I've been having abdominal pain) and the chief said to undergo these three tests.

I am 37 and had a mammo with a follow up mammo due to calcifications some months ago that they were going to retest in 6 months but are deciding to do so ASAP.

High ALP levels point to bone problems or liver function and the liver has been ruled out as has the possibility of Paget's disease. I asked the doctor if it was bone cancer they were now concerned with.

Only the tests will tell and high ALP's can be associated w/ gallbladder problems but I am so scared about the possibility of the latter. While I feel like the doctors are really aggressively addressing this and I am thankful for this I don't feel any comfort in the fact they want all three tests done immediately.

I have two little ones and a fantastic husband and of course fear the worst. Thanks for reading :-)