Probelms with the right Kidney and the urter(sp)

Has anyone experienced having probelms with their kidneys from radiation. I have been. At one time both kidney were infected. I have a stent in my right urter(sp) that I have been going every 3 to 4 months to get it exchange. Meanwhile I still have UTIs and get antibodtics to help it



  • ron50
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    G'day Barb
    Sorry to hear that your problem has not been resolved. My problems were all from chemo,they think. I have been ok kidney wise for some time. My protein loss was steady at 370mg a day which is only just over double normal. However I seem to have come out of remission with them and my protein loss has crept up to nearly 3000 mg again and I am suffering edema again in the feet and legs. It seems the only treatment that my kidneys respond to is methotrexate. Unfortunately I react badly to everything these days,I can't even use roll on deoderants. I am having a hard time with the meth and am just about living on imodium. I really hope that they can find a treatment that works for you,in the mean time stick to the cranberry juice it's the best natural uti treatment i have found Hugs Ron.