Hi I am new to this and still feel new to diagnosis. I was diagnosed in June after being sick for the month of May. I had a weird rash on my arms and what I thought was an upper respiratory infection. My kids have their own Dr and when I get sick I just went to a Dr's Care.After hearing a lady brag about this Dr. I decided to go to him. He couldn't diagnose what the rash was but did a EKG first off actually his nurse did because he requires it for all his patients. He gave me antibiotics for the upper resp. infection. Then the tests began. A CT scan showed a mass in center of my chest which he said was ok and he would cure me. I just kept getting sicker and sicker and losing weight had a strange feeling in my esophagus like something was stuck there. Shortness of breath as well It would take everything I had to get up shower to go to DR. as well as household chores and with 2 young children it was frustrating. After the second or third round of antibiotics I went back to see DR and was sent to have MRI and ended up in hospital for a few days where the mass was formally called cancer and Lymphoma and was referred to an oncologist. In July was back in Hospital for a week and started first chemo of CHOP_R.Tolerated it very well. I don't know all these classifications of the disease to know exactly what i do have. It is confusing. Thank you for any input you may have. Sorry so long winded.


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    New, new, too.
    I'm new too, and went through a similar run around with my doctor before I was properly diagnosed. I have two young children, too. Three years and three months. Its frustrating. They thought I had a bulged disk in my spine that was causing back pain...turned out to my erosion due to Hodgkins. They also found it in many lymph nodes. I'm didn't understand in your message which classifications of Lymphoma you were having trouble understanding. The different types of Lymphoma, or staging it, or just symptoms in general. I've been posting to this site for just a few days but can already tell the level of knowledge and understanding and genuine care that many of the members have is very great.
    How many rounds of chemo have you had? I'll be having my first next week. Hang in there!
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    Welcome Star
    Sorry you have to be here but as Jesse said, you'll find lots
    of experienced, caring and understanding people here.

    It would be helpful to find out the details of your cancer,
    The type of lymphoma, sub-type, etc. and post it in the "about me"
    section. This allows those of us with the same cancer and treatment
    to share our experiences and better support you.

    There are truly some wonderful folks here and you'll be hearing from
    more of them soon.

    Good luck and hugs,

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    Hi Star,
    Your doctor will be able to tell you exactly what your cancer consists of. In order for him to start your R-CHOP treatment he had to know what he was dealing with..Type of cancer-Grade-and Stage. Example..I was diagnosed with Follicular<(sub type)Non Hodgkins Lymphoma<(main cancer)-grade2<(cell size,medium to large)-stage3<(3 seperate locations in my body,(groin,stomach and neck). Mine was determined after surgical removal of one large node in my groin which was then sent to pathology. They took the tumor and sliced it and examined the make up of the cells...hence comes the diagnosis of Follicular NHL.The type(A in my case) is determined by what symptoms you presented with. In my case I had no symptoms-fever, chills, night swets, loss of weight, etc. My symptoms were swollen hard nodes that could be felt in my groin and neck. I couldn't feel the stomach tumors, but after a CT Scan they were detected. The grade(2,in my case)is determined by cell structure during pathology testing. My sub type Follicular indicates a indolent cancer which is slow growing and not cureable....in other words, it will come back in the future. Agressive cancers, TypeB usually respond well to treatment and have even been considered to be curable..(as I understand it,someone please correct me if I am wrong). All of this can be very confusing in the first few months after diagnosis, but your doctor should be able to tell you everything you need to know...if he can't, then find a NEW doctor. Take someone with you to consults with your doctor. It helps to have 2 sets of ears and someone to write down information being relayed. The patient is usually too emotional and overwhelmed to keep everything straight..I know I was! I hope this has helped, but feel free to come back as often as you want with any and all questions you may have. Try to take things one day at a time and keep your stress as minimal as possible. We are always here to help. Take care and keep us informed. Much love...Sue
    (FNHL-grade2-stage3-typeA-diagnosed 6/10)age 61.
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    Hello Star,
    Hi Star, I was just reading your post. I'm also kind of new to this site, I also have three kids and a hubby (not a hobby) although sometimes it feels more like a chore lol!. I was just diagnosed in Aug. with Follicular NHL stage IV its mostly on my spleen from what I understand. I was also very confused at the beginning and not to mention that my Oncologist wasn't very informative when I went to see him, I had to get my info from another Dr. I haven't started any treatment "I'm on the watch and wait therapy if can call it that" lol...well anywho call your Onc and ask him everything you need to know, so you have a clear understanding of whats going with you. Well take care of yourself and hope to hear from you soon!