Spiffy new port

Hey all,
First off, thank you for all the support! Even as the first days go by, hour by hour, things are getting easier. Friday morning I had my port-a-cath installed. My "conscious sedation" was not so conscious. I think I was awake when they made the first incision, but one long blink later and the doctors were cleaning up their instruments. Its been a little sore over the weekend, but even that afternoon I was doing laundry and hanging around the house like nothing had happened. I'm sure the Percocet helped. I'm looking forward to going to work Monday. The main thing the doctor said was to watch my range of motion over the next couple weeks. I'm a subcontractor, but think I'll stick to painting and leave the patching and drywall repair to the other guys next week.
I'm still waiting to hear if the VA is going to pay for sperm banking before I begin chemo, regardless, I should have my first cycle next week. Until then...


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    Welcome back
    Well, I see you have a new companion now, "Cathy":).
    She's going to be with you a while so take good care of her ;).

    Seriously, be careful until you heal up. You don't want to
    be doing anything strenuous especially with the arm on the side
    of the cath and you definitely don't want it getting infected
    so follow all the instructions they give you.

    I know I've read some other posts from you but I don't recall
    the type of lymphoma, etc. It might be useful if you update your
    "about me" page. I think you are the one who has two children and
    the son fell asleep watching his favorite dinosaur movie.

    Okay, I found the other posts. "Diagnosed with Stage IV Classic Hodgkins I'll get my portacath installed Friday and begin the ABVD treatment regiment Monday."

    Good luck with everything and keep us posted.

    Big hugs,

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    I called mine 'little purple bug"
    Hi Jesse,
    So glad your port placement went well...I knew it would. I was completely knocked out when I had mine put in and don't remember anything other than falling asleep and waking up..it's the ONLY way to go..ha! I too was a little sore for a few days but once it healed I never had any problems...works great since placement in August 2010. My surgeon showed me what my port looked like before surgery. It reminded me of a little purple beetle bug with a tail. Just take it easy as your doctore said and all will be fine. Keep us posted and thanks for sharing how things went. Sue
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    The "Thang"
    I remember when I got my port installed(sounds like a muffler by saying installed doesn't it?). It was a little scary but all went fine. I was knocked out and when I woke up it was there. It is nice to be able to use instead of the veins all the times. I would suggest getting some numbing cream before you having your infusion. You will not feel a thing. I didn't the first couple of times and it was a little uncomfortable. I do not like any pain at all. Some people even give it a name. In a few days you will be able to feel and see the 3 little nubs that stick up. Thats so the nurse will know to place the needle directly in between them. John(FNHL-1-4A-5/10)