Prayers needed from all!

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My dear friends on the Esophageal board are in need of many prayers this evening. Our dear friend Lee (LeeinLondon) has had a scare this evening that has me in a position to request prayers for him and his wife. He has Stage IV Metastatic Esophageal Cancer and there is concern that he may have developed mets to the bones. At his Dr. visit today he fainted and needed to be admitted to the hospital for testing and precautions. Thing is, he lives in Canada and there were no rooms available in either the palliative care unit or the oncology unit and was offered to wait in the ER for a room to come available. He has chose to wait at home until a room is available and his wonderful wife and caregiver Chantal (Daisylin) has taken him home to 'wait'. They both need our prayers for Lee to get a room quickly and for the Dr.s to find the source of his fainting to be a minor and temporary issue that can be easily remedied. If you can, please, take a moment and say a prayer for them or post your prayers to their post "No Room in the Inn".



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    Me 2
    Me 2 :)
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    Sending prayers

    Sending prayers
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    Thank you!
    Thank you for the prayers! It is working! Looks like Lee will get a room today. Praying that the Dr.s can get his pain under control and that the other issues he is having currently can be resolved.