does anyone have experience with Lupron?
the onc doc gave me a choice to do the lupron shot, or more chemo, and possibly
give arimidex or another estrogen blocker another try

im already in menopause, but from what i have read online about lupron one of the
side effects is migraines...i already have to fight migraines off each day
also, have osteoarthritis, and with this bad intestinal system, cant find a calcium
supplement that i can tolerate...

my last ca125 was 262 and it has been a good measure of my cancer, so far



  • Kaleena
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    Even before I was diagnosed
    Even before I was diagnosed with cancer I was given lupron for two reasons. To put me into menopause to help ease the severe pain I was in and to help soften the endometrial lesions to help make my hysterectomy surgery got better. I had six shots over a six month period. I had surgery for severe endometrosis a few months later. It was only after the surgery did they find the cancer. It was in my uterus and my left ovary. It was finally diagnosed as endometrial adenocarcinoma but I was treated also as ovarian.

    The only thing I can say is that it did stop my pain. I don't recall about the headaches since that was back in 2005.

    Sorry I can't help you more on this.

  • rabz08
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    NO LUPRON!!!! I was on it
    NO LUPRON!!!! I was on it from april-july and now have stage 1 ovarian cancer. NO NO NO do not use the lupron. Please