Thank you

3 1/2 weeks out looking to feel better sooner than later..just a thank you today to all the posters on this forum.We newbies need you more than you know..You lift my sprirts and after the 3 and 35 sometimes your the only ones who can. Thanks again


  • nwasen
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    I am almost a year out and I too thank those who came before me. I wish I had found out about this "place" during my treatments....everyone is so helpful and kind...
    sure beats asking just the docs who have never walked in our shoes!
  • Hondo
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    Hi Mstevenson

    Glad to have you here with us and as they say Welcome, I hope you get all the help and support you need my friend

    Take care
  • jim and i
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    Thankful too
    Jim is 7 weeks out and he wishes recovery would go faster. Everytime he gets discouraged I read him a post about how slow recovery is and how everyone is different. Then I read him a post of someone who is years out of treatment to lift his spirits and bring us both hope. Without this site I know I would not have survived this as well as I have. Tlaking with doctors and techs who have not experienced this is not as encouraging as talking to someone who has gone before. So I send my heart felt thanks to those who have gone before us and pray all may continue to be blessed.