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A local paper is going pink.They are remembering those who passed and those dx.I was amazed reading how many years some have survived.My mom was a 60 year survivor and I am proud of that.I had her for many years.I'm wishing for 30 years for myself.

As I read the list there were ladies who lived 72 years,62 years and many 40 and 50 year survivors.I thought it was unusual my mom being dx at 21 but there must be many more dx years ago at a young age. With this survivor rate it was a time when they didn't know as much as they know today about this dreaded disease.

I remember my mom and I talking about her being the longest living bc patient but I find out there are others.

There is hope for us.We all have to think that.

Lynn Smith


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    Thank you, Lynn
    Many, many times - right here - I've stated that we all need HOPE. For us - it's like food, water, etc. ... Yes, we need HOPE.

    Thanks, again.

    Kind regards, Susan
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