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I just heard about this. Does anybody have any experience with ChemoFx?

Is the test worthwhile?


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    I did look it up. Very
    I did look it up. Very interesting. I think it would be worthwhile, if it really does work as they say. Imagine knowing exactly what chemo would help or not help before you even take it.

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    GREAT POST!!!!
    Like the discovery of the HER2 gene in 2007 that has helped SO many people with the addition of Herceptin as a fighting agent with chemo, this seems to be the 'NEW' approach at the most progressive cancer treatment centers now. I have read more and more and it was even going to be offered to me at an earlier time if chemo had been a viable option.

    That said, my understanding is that like most new good things medically, a lot of insurance companies will be slow to accept it as worthwhile (which seems SO obvious but when has LOGIC ever gotten in the way of insurance coverage. Really!) SO it may not be covered YET for some, but I will put my money on a year from now, this will be a common as having a CT or PET before staging is now, and this will be HOW they pick our cocktails. I have heard it really pays off too saving wasted weeks of ineffective trial and error chemo lines, going instead straight for the line that has already been seen to kill "your" cancer.

    Great post and thanks for bringing this to light for the many who may not have heard of this wonderful new technique. It's like the old allergy shots they do to find what your allergies are, so you know what to treat going in. Common sense, and real progress.

    There are tons of articles popping up online regarding this already!

    God bless.