OT completely unrelated fundraiser

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Ok, I know everyone has alot on their plate so feel free to ignore this post. This cause is a big part of my daughters family life. Her husband started volunteering his freshman year of highschool. You just never know where a donation will come from so I am putting this out anywhere I can.

Please take a moment to help this wonderful organization continue to thrive. Aside from the obvious ways it helps the community by the rescue part, it also is a wonderful way for youth to develop skills and become valuable members of the community. These amazing young people will go on to become your local firefighters, law enforcement and medical professionals. Some will also become the community leaders. My daughter and son in law have been very involved in this organization for more than 10 years.


Check out their web site, you will see what a great cause this is to support!

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PS - click on the top link to donate!