Two Hurts

Heartache and heartbreak.

Started hospice this week. Helped her take a shower yesterday (she sits on a seat made for the shower/tub).

Sorry, can't write anymore, can't see.



  • LilChemoSmoker
    LilChemoSmoker Member Posts: 185

    Thank you for sharing your hurt. It is sobering and 'real'. Embrace this pain and hurt! If it didn't hurt it wouldn't be true love. There is much to be said for the pain and hurt that reality serves us on a daily basis sometimes through the journey of love and loss. Don't stuff it, embrace it. For these feeling represent your attachment to those we are losing. Fill the air with your presence and love, remember the most precious things she has given to you and know that you are loved in return.

    Sending you much needed empathy and compassion!
  • ddpekks
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    I so wish I had the words to take away some of your pain, but I don't. Michelle said everyting that I would say and said it much more eloquently.

    May you find peace in the love the two of you share and please come here to talk about it when you want to.

  • Barbara53
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    right behind you
    VV, we're right behind you. My mother can barely hold a conversation, trying to hold it together as long as she can but it's grim. Next week it may all fall apart. Tender times, my friend.