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After going back & forth for several weeks now, I met with my surgeon and it was decided that the port I've been having a problem with needs to be removed. I still have some redness near the scar line but it's much better than before. All they can tell me is that this infection most likely happened as to the way my port was handled when accessed. Once I get the new port, I'm going to ask for a mask & actually watch how the nurse does it. From what I understand, whenever the needle gets inserted into the port, the nurse should be feeling for the correct area, and this didn't happen with me. Also, a few months ago, the nurse put the needle in my port and while the needle was in, actually turned around to get something off the table, with my port tubing in her hand, actually pulled on my port. I had so much pain, I thought the nurse was going to pull my port out. From that point on, my port was misaligned. But, what can you do, you go to special "chemo nurses" and it still isn't done right. I learned from this experience that I now have to be more active in watching what is done, whether they like it or not.


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    I am sorry you are having
    I am sorry you are having this problem. These nurses are to be trained on ports. I was told that if a nurse wasn't trained, they wouldn't and shouldn't access the port. I had my port in for 5 1/2 years and had to get it flushed every month. There were only a few nurses who actually "hurt" me in those 5 1/2 years. I said the one acted like she was going fishing and I felt like she was "hooking" me. My port was twisted too so I usually got the more experienced nurses.

    Or how about this one when the nurse tells you before she sticks you that she doesn't like to access ports that it makes her nervous! Can you believe that!

    Then you get the nurses that do it smooth as silk. I liked those ones!

    But all in all I was glad to have a port. I hope you can get your port fixed up and you don't have any more problems.
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    no kidding....
    Today I had a new chemo nurse who i've always liked...she seemed so efficient and knowledgeable. Well when she assessed my port she didn't wear a mask...I don't get it. How hard is it to remember things like that.