remember me? it isn't looking good for my dad

In March 2010, dad was diagnosed with EC at the junction of his stomach and esophagus, and it was down in his stomach. They said it had started in his stomach and was growing up. He wasn't a candidate for surgery because he had a stroke, has seizures, etc. so they did chemo and radiation. Nearly a year later, we get a clean scan. For some reason, they told us to come back in six months. I knew that was too long... We just went back and he has three tumors in in esophagus. They said there is nothing they can do, as he has had his limit with radiation. Why couldn't chemo do something? It is localized and not even in any lymph nodes. I don't understand... He was being treated at MD Anderson by Dr. Ajani.


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    Need more information!

    No second opinion?? I would say there are at least two other doctors out there that might offer more options. There usually are.

    My cancer was about the same. In fact, in the beginning, they had a debate among the whole board team as to weather my cancer had started in the stomach and grown up, or started in the esophagus and grown down. I have BOTH, tumors in stomach and esophagus. The ended up deciding on Barrett's esophagus and calling it EC and not stomach cancer. Mine is at the distal junction. It is through the wall of the esophagus and the stomach wall, and growing all into the vessels and aorta and nodes are involved all over, especially regionally. I am inoperable. Stage IV. Still, doesn't much matter. The point is to try and kill it, remove it, or do palliative care only.

    You said with the seizures and stroke he already wasn't a candidate for surgery. Was that cause it was stage IV or ONLY because of the other health issues??

    His other health issues may be a reason for them to say there are no options at this point, but it is more likely that they already DID the chemo a year ago and the cancer may be immune to that line now. There are other chemo lines I would think, but without MORE information from you regarding his condition and current status and diagnosis, it is hard to guess as to why they are not offering at least chemo at this time.

    Tell us more.

    God bless you and may your dad find peace as he beings his battle again.

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    They said the old tumor is
    They said the old tumor is completely gone, and it is three new tumors that are just in the esophagus. I'm trying to get a hold of the doctor to get the facts, since I know my mom was in shock. I have a lot of questions. I will post again after I talk to someone. Thanks.