Did not pass for chemo yesterday

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Hola amigas, I was ready yesterday for my seven cycle of chemo but the nurse told me that my blood can't clot and I have to wait for a week. Has anyone experience this before and what should I do to increase this and be ready for next week. Thank so much


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    Hi. I assume your blood
    Hi. I assume your blood platelet counts are down? So are mine. Treatment 5 was delayed one week because of it. The dr. has already decided to delay treatment 6 one week because of them. When I had a CBC yesterday, they were still down to 33. One lady on here suggested Tahini (?) butter. I ordered some from amazon.com So far, it has not brought mine up yet. I was told that they will usually go up on their own. The dr. opted to give me treatment number 5 with the count at 74,therefore I knew it would take a while for them to come back up.

    A chemo nurse told me that this is to be expected.

    Take care and good luck.

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    My oncologist said 'time' was the best cure for low platelets.
    A couple people here have mentioned tahini butter as something that raises platelets, but my experience is that a week to 10 days is usually enough to raise your platelets back up unless you have an enlarged spleen that could be storing an abundance of your platelets and not releasing them. But when low platelets are chemo-related, you probably just need a little more time to recover from your last infusion. Sometimes you have to let your body set the pace. I had frequent chemo delays for low platelets and even had to have a platelet transfusion once when they dropped down below 10,000. But that was after a full year of endless chemo with no breaks. I'll bet in a week or 10 days you will be able to get chemo again. ((((hugs)))