Gastric pain while on LID?

Going through prep for annual scan. Had complete thyroidectomy two years ago and have been through LID twice. First two times, went hypo but this time doctor will use thyrogen. Now going through LID again. This year, having lower gastric pain much earlier in the diet. I still have 19 days to go. Anyone else had this?


  • MarinMark
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    Nope. I enjoyed the LID
    Nope. I enjoyed the LID and lost weight. I was having acid symptoms from chocolate before beginning the LID. I ate TUMS daily while on the LID, just for extra calcium.
  • sunnyaz
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    No gastric pain
    No gastric pain but it may not be associated with the diet if you aren't doing anything different than you did last time. If you are eating more fruits and vegetables it could be that your system just needs to adjust, especially if it's accompanied with more gas than usual. If you are having sharp pains in a specific area or severe pain lasting longer than three days go to your doctor or urgent care. An abdominal Sonogram might not be a bad idea just to be on the safe side.