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I have been off of CSN for a while now - some of the oldies might remember me. Found a lump this summer. Finally went for my mammogram - got kicked over to a sonogram right away. Two techs. Much murmuring. Deja Vu. As of now I know nothing. Outwardly Im not panicking. Inwardly. Well you know the dread. Anyway. I can't get into chat?! Really? Someone wanna give me some pointers. Never had a problem before. I am registered. Can update my page, and have. But no chat?! Grrr.


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    never did chats...or really
    never did chats...or really thought about or knew..I just come here for discussions..
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    There have been occasions
    There have been occasions where the chat room is "down" and people are not able to get in. I don't know if that was happening on a time you tried to get in. I just click the Chat wording on the left hand side of the screen in the brownish CSN menu. Sometimes chat takes a long time to load as well. If it takes to long, I x out of it and retry. This site seems to be the only site I have such problems. If you continue to have problems, email CSN or Greta for technical help.

    So sorry to hear about the new turmoil you are having with finding the lump. I hope you can get some answers soon to relieve the anxiety.