2nd Chemoambulazation - need your prayers

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Hello All. Ed is going for his second chemoambulazation at the end of this week. Doctors saw two new tumors, 1cm and 2cm and they are going after them. I am very hopeful that they will get the tumors, the 1st chemoambulazation was done in March of this year and it was successful, it had better results than Nexavar and Radioambulazation. So you never know, results are varied and we just hope and prey for the best. please send your prayers and positive thoughts our way.
love and prayers from us to you too!


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    How did he react to the
    How did he react to the Radioambulazation?

    ----------My father has been battling carcinoid tumors. He visited a research clinic in which they are pushing him to have the Sir-spheres procedure done. Not knowing if he will be able to tolerate this much radiation I am against the procedure. I am fighting for life, and am fearful that this procedure will only shorten his. After researching I rarely hear of any extreme negatives about this procedure. After treatment how long have patients survived their fight and really what should we as a family expect in terms of after care. I know that everyone is different, but his liver is full of tumors with only (as of June 2011) 30% liver function. Did your family members have the same or less tumor growth? Also did the symptoms of night sweats, diarrhea, and flushing go away and or decrease.

    A Daughter in Need OF Answers
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    You've got them!
    I hope all goes well with his treatment and he continues to hold a steady course. Keep up with the diet , we feel that it is such an important part of the equation and credit that and excercise to my husband's existence- especially since the docs took him off the Nexavar in August. Hang tough, we'll be sending our prayers to you and the others who are also fighting this battle.