Partial on right side now on Dialysis

kjwarner Member Posts: 7
My Dad had a partial kidney removal on the right side removing a 6.6cm tumor that was stage 3 cancer. His left kidney had been damaged early in life and is very, very small. They were able to save a little more than 80% of his right kidney but it is not working. He is 85 and had his surgery 9/21/11. He spent 12 days in the hospital and is now home. His gaining strength each day and has a great attitude. The doctor says they did get all of the cancer. My question is have any of you experienced waiting on kidney function to return and going to dialysis. It is tough on him but he says he can do it. We are praying the kidney "turns back on", but I haven't read anything about anyone's person experience with a situation like his. Please comment if you have any insight at all. I really appreaciate all the info that is deliver on this sight by your person experiences.

I really hope someone reads this and can give me some insight.

Thanks, Kathy - 54 and still a Daddy's girl!!!