To all Caregivers:

When I first wrote this it was 3 paragraphs of me thanking my wife for all she has endured and apologizing to her for putting her thru it. I read it, my water started running from my eyes, then I erased it and went and found my wife and told her everything and how I appreciate her.
So to all you caregivers out there thanks for all you have done and put up with.

Mitch .. Florida


  • Greend
    Greend Member Posts: 678
    Ya done good
    Good move Mitch :>)
  • palmyrafan
    palmyrafan Member Posts: 396
    I agree Mitch
    Our caretakers have to deal with a lot of crap; from the doctors, family, the patients, insurance companies, their bosses, etc. and they don't always get a lot of thanks for it.

    I try to thank my husband every day for what he does, even if it is just bringing in the trash cans or grabbing the newspaper on his way out the door.

    I love how you thanked your wife!!!