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All you dear people, I know you have your hands full with your own sickness and those of you who are caregivers, I feel almost ashamed to ask you for prayer but I know you all understand this better than anyone else.
It's not looking good for my brother.
They had told my brother that they believed him to have gastrointestinal flu.
Now when he went yesterday for his chemo he could not take it again because there is something going on in his stomach and they want to do the scope to see what is going on but Ray (Jr.) has refused the scope he first wants to see if these new medications the onc. gave will help. the meds are suppose to coat his stomach and for nausea.
He can barely get out of bed now, hardly drinks.
But as usual they said his lungs, liver and kidneys are all good according to the
'blood work' and he gained 5 lbs.
But there is no evidence of the weight being from eating and drinking because he can barely do either.
So where is the weight gain from??
Pray for mom, she is 90 and she is not wanting to eat now and we all believe it is all because of her worry over Jr since he can't eat she won't eat.
She lives here with me and she is diabetic with high blood pressure so she needs to eat.
We are all feeling a dark cloud over us at this time knowing Jr. is just laying in his bed suffering.
Not a good day.


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    Ask and ye shal receive
    You asked, you've got em - prayers coming your way for comfort and peace.

    wife of Kevin
    stage IVb
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    So Sorry Rose
    You sure have alot on your plate.
    Can't they do a CT or x-ray? Who wants surgery when they already feel like crap.
    Prayers for Ray jr, your mom, and for you.

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    Hi Rose
    Thinking of you and

    Hi Rose
    Thinking of you and your brother and mom, hoping the medications will give Ray some relief and that tomorrow is a little better than today.
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    Hello Rose,
    May God surround you with his love and give your Mum and brother a peaceful mind and a hopeful day.
    God bless you all!
    Marci x
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    Praying the news will improve

    I am so sorry Ray is not feeling well enough to eat. He has really had a long struggle and I am sure he is getting tired.

    I will be praying for the stomach issues to pass and that Ray feels well enough to eat again.

    Best Regards,

    Paul Adams
    McCormick, South Carolina

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    Hi Rose,
    I will definately say prayers for Ray Jr and for you and your mom. We all know that God has a plan for all of us and I guess we just don't understand why some must suffer so much. Take care.
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    Prayers are being sent....
    TONS more prayers will be coming your way. This is NO burden; I have learned that to concentrate on others needs takes my mind of of all of my problems, and leaves me feeling better. I am honored to pray for ALL of you!
    May God hold your hand through this and help you to get everyone eating.
    Especially Mom...
    The weight gain may be fluid retention. Any ankle swelling or abdominal swelling?
    Just a thought.

    You ARE in my prayers and please never hesitate to ask!

    Sending love and support,

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    Know that you and your

    Know that you and your family are all in our prayers.
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    You all are really having a
    You all are really having a hard time. Prayers for each of you. BMG
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    BMGky said:

    You all are really having a
    You all are really having a hard time. Prayers for each of you. BMG


    Thinking and praying for your brother, you and your mom. I'm praying that today is a little better.

    Much hugs and prayers,