How long does the coughing continue? Chest clear, stays up at 45 degrees but coughs off/on all night. I read that this is quite common post surgery. Just wondering if anyone has any tips and is it a "forever cough". Thanks.


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    I had the same issue post surgery, but it went away after of couple of months. I juiced carrots every day.
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    This is a common post surgery issue

    Unfortunately this is a fairly common post surgery issue. In my case it seemed to last about a month and a half. I found cough drops helped. It seemed to be most irritating when I went to bed. I slept on a wedge pillow and that seemed to help some. Unfortunately time was the medicine that worked best.

    Hope things get better soon.

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    I am 3 years 2 months past my esophagectomy and I still cough. I don't have any tips, wish I did. My cough gets worse at certain times, whenever I go to a Dr. office it seems to be worse I think it's the different things in the office that cause it. Sometimes it's eating that sets it off, other times don't have an answer, it is annoying and tires me out in my chest area. I didn't cough before my surgery but, after coughed s lot, couldn't talk without coughing, so it has gotten better but still have it. I had my first bad cold just recentally since my surgery and that was hard on me, and of course coughed more. THings are better but, the side effects still linger, it seems I go through a time of feeling pretty good, and then things start up again, running to the bathroom after meals, can tolerate certain foods one time and not another etc. I don't overeat, I can't. I'm afraid thats the way it will be, but so thankfull to be here to have the effects! Each day is a blessing, life is to be enjoyed with God's help.