Survivors of Primary Peritoneal Cancer

Sure would like to hear from someone who has survived PPC for over 5 years. Anyone out there? A few years ago, folks got lumped in with ovarian cancer -- were you one of them and you actually had primary peritoneal cancer?

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  • Hondo
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    Hi Teaxan

    Sorry I can’t answer your question, you might also post this on the Ovarian Cancer site as there was a thread thier about it that I found, but it is kind of old

    Wishing you well
  • moonpearlmaggie
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    Well I am in remission 8 years! My chemo ended last week of August 2003... they gave me two years? I was stage III-C PPC. The longer out the scarier it gets. I don't like it when I ask oncologist about MRI and the response is: your CA125 is low - you don't need one. Well my CA125 was less than 350 when Dx'd and I was eat-up... if I have the money & have never had one & CA125 is inching up ... WHY NOT? I have heard all the stories of long out - comes back strong so I want to get it as early as I can!