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I know I have been on so many times with my plea to any of you vietnam vets. Just wanted you to know that I FINALLY got a call from the VA on Friday that they just received, priority mail, from the white house my letter reagrding Vinc's EC and Agent Orange. I wrot the letter over a month agao and they just now got it. ANYHOW so to add to my list of to do things if you are a VIET Vet or know of one with EvC PLEASE write to the president so we can get EC a presumed cancer. ITS really important.

And to Lee in London and Eric I read what you said about how you feel and I know its so yough for both of you and all the other stage 4's. I miss our regular e-mails but I am sure neither of you are up to writing alot.

Love all of you and be good to yourselves.



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    A question
    Hi Barb,
    I sent you a pm about this a couple of days ago and I'm excited to get my letter written. Can you tell me exactly how you addressed your letter? I'm praying for a granted claim for you!! Thanks, Rita