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Hi, I was diagnosed with DFSP 5 years ago and went to MD Anderson in Texas where I went on Gleevec for a couple months and then they wanted to do Mohs. I did the Gleevec and instead of the MOHS I decided to do alternative treatments such as seeing a well know herbalist in Merrit Island, FL. I never went back to MD Anderson and got a couple MRI's since which the oncologists could not see anything, this could also be because they did not specialize in Sarcoma's and never saw DFSP before and probably didn't know what to look for. Either way, the bumps on my forehead have not gotten bigger. I have been pretty healthy, I notice stress does aggravate my head where the original biopsy's were done. I am in a new relationship now and my BF is pushing me to get more testing from experts in this field. I do not want to go back to Texas, has anyone had any experience with any good sarcoma experts in Florida, I live in South Florida. Thanks!