mom's chemo still seems to be working well

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Just thought I would share that my mom is on her 6th treatment round with gemzar, cisplatin, and avastin and it still appears to be working. Her CA125 is down to close to 1600, which sounds like a lot to some of you, but it is the lowest it has been in quite some time. (I think her highest was around 3800.) Her pleural fluid is lower than ever,and her lymph nodes have shrunk so she is not retaining much fluid at all in her legs. I hope my mom's story can be of inspiration to some of you. She was diagnosed with stage IV PPC over 2.5 years ago. She has only had a 3 month break from chemo in all that time and although she is tired and takes naps quite often, she is still enjoying life as much as she can! I think she owes a lot to her Doctor, but just as much to her diet, knowing when to rest, and to trying to get some exercise in between. I wish all of you continued success with your treatment!


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    Lovely story
    This is certainly encouraging news. Your mum's story is not unlike mine and I am inspired by her. I just love your mum's attitude and resiliance.

    I hope she continues in this good health.

    Love Tina xx
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    I'm pleased for you and your
    I'm pleased for you and your mother Eileen.
    Sending much strength :)