prostate cancer

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I am back, I have only posted once since my Husband had his robotic surgery April 10th, 2010. He is doing great, NO leaking I think because of the 1000000 of kegals he did when first diagnosed right up until they put him under for the surgery. His PSA every 3 mos has been .01 very very happy about that. He goes to the gym 5 days a week, eats better than ever before and has lost 22 lb's at his Dr's request. He looks good and feels good. It is almost like it never happened. The drugs for Erectile disfunction make him feel sick so we have discontinued them. He is able to have a partial erection giving him hope that the nerves are still trying to fully connect. When diagnosed his gleason score was 3+4=7 his PSA was 7.98 his cancer was contained all on the left side, 6 lymph nodes removed all negative. The reason I am posting almost 18 months later is to give other men hope. Prostate cancer is not a death sentence it is a temporary set back to every day life. WE have grown closer than ever and look at our time here on earth a little differently. e have re-evaluated our priorities in life and take nothing or anyone for granted..We pray everyday that we will grow old together (really Old)..Any man out there newly diagnosed,faith,and early detection is the key plus 1000000 of kegals and a positve attitude to go with it. Do your re-search knowledge is power. Good luck and may God be with all of you.


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    Faith is wonderful

    Thanks for sharing the history of your case. Congratulations on your husband's Zeros and superb recovery.

    Wishing you both accomplish that desire of growing to a "really OLD" age.

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    So happy when i see these
    So happy when i see these positive notes like this, 7 mths into this journey and i can relate to your thoughts. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to go thru this with my jim, accept what w
    e cant change.