Feline lymphoma! And other fun...

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I don't know where else to post this, but now in addition to caring for dad with Stage 4 Melanoma, I am also treating our 12 yo cat for feline lymphoma.

I had never really considered the cat getting any kind of cancer; she's been on all the normal vaccines her whole life. Apparently, there are several kinds of lymphoma, and we are waiting on her pathology for the specifics. I had no idea anything was wrong until her little meow came out gargled, deep and raspy one night last week. I picked her up and her lymph nodes on her throat were the size of pecans, as well as the ones in her "leg pits". She shows no other symptoms or distress.

She has been on prednisone for a week, and had a dose of Cyclophosphamide today and another tomorrow, then we resume prednisone until she gets a different injection next week.

She had already lost a little weight when I took her in, and went form 10# last week to only 9.2# today. Her appetite is very off, but she finally started to eat again this afternoon.

Oh and my dads geriatric dog - only have to give him pills every eight hours so he doesn't pee all over his bedding twice a day!

Dad also is struggling with trusting me as his caregiver. He is being nasty and stubborn and just so obviously unhappy to be losing control of his life, but he's cognizant enough to act out about it. I feel sorry for him of course, and I love him or wouldn't be doing this, but he fights with me over stupid things. He wants to eat too much salt (though dr took him off BP pills so he has to be more careful), he doesn't want to drink enough fluids throughout the day or at pill time ("I don't NEED that! You don't know what I need!!"), he gets mad when I tell him he shouldn't do certain things, make certain commitments, but somebody has to keep him from endangering himself. He's been on a steroid (dexamethsone) since April, and though weaned off twice, has not been off for more than a couple days becaus ehe gets so weak. We are almost down to the going off point again, but I wonder if that nasty attitude is from the steroid?

Just had to vent.

CALGON for everyone,


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    Glad you could vent a bit....
    Sometimes we just need to vent a bit and these boards are a great place for that. So many people here that know what we are all going through. I've been there with the sick animals but thankfully not now while I'm taking care of my husband through treatments. With all the separate vet appointments and pills that can also feel like a full time job in itself. I hope that the vet can help your kitty.

    As for your dad being nasty, please keep in mind that he is trying to come to terms with what he is going through and his frustration may be directed to the closest person around... you. I've gone through this with my husband and it hurts but I have to remember that it's the cancer talking not him. I know that dexamethsone can cause mood swings so you may want to mention that to your dad's doctor.

    Take care and I hope things are a little better --- jc