surgery vs. radiation and chemo

i took aggressive surgical treatment 61/2 trs ago. would like to discuss results for people with a choice..


  • ratface
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    I'm not understanding your question?
    Hi George

    and welcome. I'm kind of losing what it is your asking???? Do you have a concern about your individual results or looking to comment on potential treatment options in general?
    6 1/2 years is very great!
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    Our experience
    Buzz had right tonsil/lymph node cancer 10 years ago and had a right radical neck and tonsillectomy followed by radiation. Last summer he was diagnosed with base of tongue cancer with 1 node affected in the left neck. He elected to treat this cancer with chemo/radiation. The radical surgery was his best hope but he did not think he could endure that. Now his cancer is back just 9 months after the end of treatment. Still not sure if we should have chose the surgery. Karen