MIA recap and Emotional Bag Check

Hey gang -- sorry I've been MIA this past week, my husband and I took a trip to Disney in Orlando with friends and I thought I'd have some down time to chat online but we really only spent time at the hotel to pass out. (I'm working on uploading some photos, I can post a link later if you'd like to see some).

Quick update on my dad: he had his 3 week check up and the doc said he's doing abnormally awesome. Which is great news. He's still eating really well (and we've been doing some research on good cancer-fighting foods, so his diet has shifted a bit). He starts his second IV treatment (cycle week 4) tomorrow. Fingers crossed he still stays doing so well, I know he's prepping for a doozy since the last one went so smoothly. I'll keep ya posted on his progress.

Now to update myself on the rest of you kids -- man, I have like 30 threads to catch up with!!

Also, I found this website randomly. It's kind of interesting, thought maybe if anyone needed an anonymous outlet, this is a cool place:


Thinking of you guys, always,
(daughter of Mike, IV)