Full hysterectomy and epidurals

It looks like I might be headed for a full hysterectomy soon but because of heart damage from prior chemo drugs etc. they won't let me have a general anaesthetic so are suggesting an epidural. Has anyone here had a full hysterectormy with an epidural? How was it?



  • lindaprocopio
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    Sorry to hear about the hysterectomy. (((Bluerose)))
    When uterine cancer is suspected, the type of hysterectomy called for is much more extensive than the usual hysterectomy performed by a gynecologic surgeon, as the gynecologic oncologist needs to remove lymph nodes for staging and a lot of other tissue that is not a part of the typical hysterectomy for a non-cancer problem. Although I was given general anesthesia for the surgery, I was offered an epidural for the next 2 days to manage the expected post-surgery pain. I turned that down because I wanted to be up on my feet the next day, but there were definitely moments when I wish I would have allowed it. I can easily believe that an epidural would block all pain after watching my DIL give birth twice with epidurals; she clearly was painfree.

    Have you asked about Da Vinci surgery for your hysterectomy? With the robotic surgery you have minimal scarring and a much faster recovery period. I wanted to go that route, but would have lost another month delay having all my biopsies re-done at a different facility.