Chemo Break is over back to reality

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My chemo break ended yesterday. I only took 4 weeks off but did enjoy some of my short break. Only really started feeling normal about the last week. Guess I shouldn't have expected more.What concerned me the most was my CEA was 286.2 on 8/17 and jumped to 431.4 on 9/28. I know I shouldn't dwell on the numbers but this is the reason I only agree to short chemo breaks. My cancer seems to be very active and chemo is the only thing keeping it somewhat in check. At times I have conversations with my self as to how much longer I want to keep this up. I know many of you say never quit and I admire your strength and determination.
Every surgeon and onc I have sought out for different opinion have all said chemo is my only option at this time. Cancer is to widespread for any of the surgeons to even consider surgery.I guess what I'm saying is that at some time in the future, if things don't change I will make a decision on further treatment. I just know I want the right to make that decision. Many of you will disagree with my stand and you are free to disagree but in the end my decision only really affects me and my family. Thanks for listening.



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    My thoughts are with you
    My mom has been inoperable from the start so I know how frustrating it is to be told that chemo is the only option. This journey is very tiring and very draining, and when you feel it physically in addition to emotionally, it's just exhausting all around. As I give you virtual *hugs,* I hope you feel the warmth of this online community as you decide on the next steps. My best wishes to you whatever course you take.