para-aortic lymphnode cancer

para-aortic lymphnode cancer is it classed as terminal and anything anyone can tell me would be very welcome


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    Welcome Hank
    Welcome Hank,

    Sorry you had to come to this site but you will find a wealth of
    caring and supportive people here.

    Cancer treatment and research has come a long ways in the past few
    years so I'd be hesitant to call any cancer "terminal". There are
    many long term survivors on this site who can vouch for this.

    I read your "About Me" page and I think the dates may be wrong regarding
    the colon/bowel cancer (maybe the year 2011 is wrong?).

    You also said you were told you MAY have secondary cancer (Para-Aortic)
    but have to wait 4 months for another scan to see if it has grown bigger
    to confirm - it could be inflamation from your surgery.

    I hope others will chime in and help me out here, but I think you
    should get a second opinion. The "waiting" is what bothers me though
    "watch and wait" is done with certain types of lymphoma that are very
    slow growing (don't have details here). Normally, I think they would
    want to get a biopsy and have it analyzed. If it is really
    cancer and is of an agressive type, you don't want to wait.

    I'm sure others will respond to this post.
    I just wanted you to know we're out here listening.

    Hopefully others will respond soon. There are some
    truly wonderful people on this site.

    I'll be watching for responses too.

    Big hugs,