Ovarian cancer 5k walk

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Hi ladies I just wanted to let you know on Oct 16th in west Orange NJ there is a ovarian cancer awareness walk being put on by the NOCC, sorry Carlene, signed up before your post. I am visting my parents that week and it would be cool to meet any of my fellow csn teal sisters.


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    walk proud
    you are a true survivor. Enjoy your visit with your family. Take pics so we can see. Good luck..Val
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    in spirit
    can't be there in person, but I'll be walking in spirit. It will be so empowering for you and your family to take part. My family joined me last July for a walk/run and my husband had these beautiful teal t-shirts made for all of us. It made me feel like I had a whole team behind me. Priceless!!
    (((HUGS))) Maria
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    No need to apologize to me.
    No need to apologize to me. I paid the registration fees for myself and my team members two years in a row (2010 and 2011). The walk is very empowering. The camaraderie is wonderful.

    I won't support them in the future because I finally got around to doing my homework and the salaries (over $480,000 in 2009) are just way out of line, in my opinion.

    I encourage everyone to support research, early detection, better treatment, and awareness of Ovarian Cancer via whatever means or organization they are comfortable with. I also encourage everyone to do what I should have done two years ago - RESEARCH the way they spend your money.

    Every nonprofit has to file a form 990 with the IRS every year. These are available free, on the Web.