New guy... What do I do here?

Found prostate cancer while doing a TURP for a TCC tumor. Gleeson 3+3.


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    You are welcome to the board

    None of the guys here accepted to be a member of the club, but we all were told the same sentence “You Have Prostate Cancer”.
    The good news is that this bandit is of the slowgrow type and there are many ways of fighting it.

    Gleason score 6 (3+3) is the lowest in aggressivity. Other data is necessary to really pinpoint your status. If you want guys here to give you good advice you should share other info from the biopsy report, clinical stage, PSA, DRE, PAP, and results of any image study.

    You will need to read a lot and become educated about the problem. This forum got many threads with which you can be associated. Just search and read.

    I wish you find a way to overcome this “bump” in your journey.

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    I'll also add my welcome
    I'll also add my welcome along with VascoDaGama.
    The Gleason 3+3 is the best you can get when you join our 'club'. Your prospects should be excellent and you have many options to choose from.

    If you don't mind share a little more with us such as age and PSA results if you like.

    age 57
    2 year post Davinci surgery
    Gleason was 3+4 (7)
    psa so far (0)
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    You will find information,ideas, and maybe some advice from folks on this discussion board. Your cancer is very low grade. Take comfort with that thought. There are many treatments from which to choose. Take time to study, learn, and evaluate options.
    Check other resources as well, such as books and internet webpages.

    I suggest that you tell us more about your diagnoses. Then ask questions.

    Keep your spirits high.
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    More info for my reply
    I'm 85 years old. Gleason score: 7 (3+4). Had prostate surgery in 1991, radiation in 2005, and went on hormone therapy in 2008. My PSA is undectable. The cancer has been in remission for three years. I have high spirits and reasonably good physical and mental health. The cancer is a pesky creature, but once I became used to having it, dealing with it has been tolerable.
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    the panel
    welcome to our unwanted club. 62 yrs. young. r/p in '03, radiation in '11. you will find the advice of our members extremely helpful. just ask questions. the best to you....
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    I wonder, did you have a biopsy of the
    prostate, or was it found only by a turp.