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my name is ivygail remulla i just went to the doctors appointment because by breast were becoming funny like breast pain and changes in the nipple area... they didnt find anything but a nodule on the left breast growing... now there keeping an eye out so it doesnt turn into cancer... the changes also happens in both breast areas so ya, its times two... which is not good.... I went to this site and found out that 2 of the symptoms of breast cancer is breast pain and changes in the breast area and i have it... i think or you could consider it the highlight... great isnt it? :P now I have to go to a breast specialist and do a mammogram to do the first check up... i hope i dont end up loosing both... if ya know what i mean..:(. (the changes was the inverted just to let you know).. so i hope all goes well in life in general... please pray for me yall.. :)... thank you -ivygail