possible recurrance

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hello all, I am new to this site. I normally use Cacnercompass. My mom is 8 months post tratment for stage 3 tonsil cancer with 1 lymph node. she had surgury to remove the cancer as well as neck dissection with 15 lymph nodes removed. pathology confirmed that only 1 lymp node was positive and all margins were negative. after she completed radiation without chemo. she didn't use feeding tube, overall the she did very well. about 3 months post radiaitn something showed up on the same, left side of her tounge, it was painful, like a ucler. doctors kept saying for 3 months that it's probably side effect from radiation. it got better for about 1 month and now it came back even bigger, hoever still very small, less than 1 cm. a white lump, painful to touch. We went to the doctor, he said it looks like an infection however he decided to remove it and sent it for pathology. I am terrified, any suggestions with this? I am not sure what to think, tonsil seems so far from the tounge....we should have the rusults on tuesday. any answers are appreciated, thank you


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    So sorry to hear about your mother's problem. I have no experience with this as my husband had base of tongue cancer and is only 1 month out from treatment. I am praying the doc is correct and the spot is infection. Also praying the family can find some rest and peace until the results come back.

    Blessings Debbie