my husband is in hospial. he woke up last night finding it hard to breath,lots of mucous in throat,chest felt heavy,coloured saliva on pillowcase for a few this what they mean about mucosis and would a vaporiser help?


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    Sorry to hear this, I never had problems breathing during my treatment but do have a lot of problems now side effects of the treatment mostly aspiration.

    During my treatment I did use a vaporizer and it did help, I still use one in the winter time due to the heater being on the house and drying out the air.

    Wishing you well Ray
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    I used it
    I used the vaporizer right by the bed side and laid on side to get the most of it direct.

    A couple things that help me also were only lay on side. I used my thumb and help keep my mouth shut so it would not dry out and only breath thru my nose. Also I asked for a suction machine, what a huge relief that was. The machine did all the work rather than spending lots of energy trying to spit it out.

    Praying for a fast recovery
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    So sorry to hear RayTodd is
    So sorry to hear RayTodd is in the hospital. I am praying for you both.

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    Thank you
    Mrs. Ray Todd, Thank you for posting. Sorry to hear about Ray's condition. He is at the best place--no reason to rough it out at home. I would gag if I would lay flat, in fact I was know as the queen of pillows during my last hospital stay. I don't get the mucus daily but not fun when I do. We do what we can do to get through the treatment. I am sure the hospital staff will be helpful and hopefully you will be able to get some rest. I can't wait for what Ray will have to say about this visit to the hospital.
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    Suction Aspirator will be a big help, hospital should have it and in the mean time you can raise the head of the bed or place more pillows so your husband can sleep with the head elevated and let the gravity pull the mucus down.

    Best wishes to you and your husband,
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    Mrs Ray Todd
    I always enjoy reading Ray's post...wishing him the best.

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    osmotar said:

    Mrs Ray Todd
    I always enjoy reading Ray's post...wishing him the best.


    I am sure they are checking
    I am sure they are checking for pneumonia, but I thought you should ask if you have not heard that his chest xray is ok.
    Thinking of you
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    Hello Mrs. RayTodd
    Hoping the hospital stay is short, and you both return home with more tools to fight the dreaded mucous. I, too, used a vaporizer during treatment (I used cool mist, but I don't think it matters - I don't KNOW that, though). I also kept my head elevated - it took me a while to get used to it; at first, I felt like I was half way sitting up. I also used a Neti pot to help keep my sinuses clear (to avoid sinus drainage hitting my throat, making it more raw and mixing with the mucous). I hope you all do well. I'm glad you "came in".
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    awful mucosis
    My husband it's been almost 1 year ago and he has a track and he is up and down all night cleaning out his track with all the mucosis he does not get any sleep at night. But he does sleep during the day off and on. He got up this morning at 6 was going to get a can of gavity in, I heard a LOUD bump. Ran into the kitchen he was laying on the floor, the whole can of javity was on the kitchen floor. I guess he slipped, he was trying to get up and when he did he fell backwards and hit the back of his head on the kitchen table. I called 911 he did not want to go to hospital because he has been in and out about 3 times in the last month. Anyway, they said that all his vitals was good, just to keep a close eye on him for 12 hours. He seems to be ok, just a real black and blue eye, and all swollen! Scared me half to death! If it is not one thing it is another! What happened was his glasses got his eye, I thought it was because he hit the back of his head, but they said that the left lens was broke so just makes since that was what caused his black and blue eye?
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    I can't offer help on the mucous/phlegm issues...but.

    Please let Ray know that we are all thinking of him, and expecting him to get well soon and he and you are both in our thoughts and prayers...

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    Good Thoughts
    Good thoughts your way for a short stint in the hospital for Ray and some help with the mucous issue. Hope to see Ray back posting soon. Cheers.