The Sweetest Thing

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My husband said the sweetest thing tonight - he said he sort of misses the days of his cancer treatment.

No, he's not crazy. He misses the months we spent together, shoulder to shoulder. Neither of us was working for a while there, and we were pretty focused on the moment. Get the kids to school. Go to radiation. Get some nutrition in. Sleep. Love. Repeat.

Life was simple, and we spent just about every second within a foot of each other for weeks. I miss that a bit too - I love my kids, but it was so wonderful that they gave us the gift of taking care of themselves those weeks and letting us do our thing. It was very intimate - after 30 years of marriage, I had not expected to be able to get so much closer. We were always kindred spirits, but we were almost one being at times there.

He just got the latest from his doctor - at 9 months out, he is still clean.

We don't miss cancer. Really. We are also much more aware that we are mortal. But I also cherish those days together.

"It was the best of times. It was the worst of times."


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    Wonderful Story
    Wonderful story - under not so go good cirucmstances but good on that level.
    I'm glad he's getting good results.

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for offering to help skwilliams out too. :)

    Have a beautiful day!

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    I so enjoy your posts. You
    I so enjoy your posts. You have been so open and honest during your journey. Thank you and God Bless.
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    I'm glad...
    ...that his scans came back clean. I do know what you mean about cherishing certain moments... I feel that way about the time Frank spent at home in hospice..we had 6 weeks of simply being together all the was truly something I will always look back on and feel good about...
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    The Best is Yet to Come!
    hey Dr. Mary
    Great post! Thanks for sharing. So happy to hear your husband is still NED. You enjoy each other as much as possible. As the saying is too short. Keep up the good work and may peace be with you.
    Tina in Va