I am in Akron Ohio

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I am in Akron Ohio to watch my son and daughter (in-law) run the Akron Marathon. Anyone else here to watch it or are running in it? If I can ever manage to get even a little healthy my plan is to try a triathlon next fall, but for now I will just watch my children run and celebrate with them when they finish. I think this is their third or fourth marathon and the first one I have been able to watch them run. I am very excited!


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    Rick - Here is to Good Health to Meet your Goal
    Prayers for your good health so you too can meet your goal and try a triathlon. I had a friend of my son who had been diagnosed 3 months before me with colon cancer. He was 10 years younger and in excellent health. Once he finished treatment Folfox he ran a triathlon.
    He was part of my support system so I knew what to expect as I went through Folfox.

    My son ran a 10K in Wisconsin just as I finished my Folfox treatment. I was there to take the pictures. My goal is to work hard on getting healthy and build strength and endurance so I can walk a 5K.

    Prayers for your goal. Sounds like you have some a wonderful family.
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    It is awesome that you are there. Hoping that they place well, but you should be glad that they are participating. Congratulations to your kids.

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    Sounds good! I'm sure they enjoy having you there for support!

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    Soap Derby
    That's what I like to watch in Akron, right there where the old military dirigible hangers are, then go over to that little place that sells the best ever stuff that I can't remember the name of, (it isn't gelato, it isn't yogurt, it's another name which evades me the moment,) but it is the most CHOCOLATELY tasting "ice cream" like stuff you will ever, ever taste!! I love that place. Wish I was there now with my chocolate cone of whatever it's called. (It'll come to me eventually). P.S. Another place, Mary Coyle's is great for banana splits!!! But first on the way to Akron from Springfield, you have to make a side trip to WALDO and get the world's best, (and they aren't kidding)fried bologna (ahh, the mustard, the lettuce, the tomato) sandwich ever, and some of their black raspberry pie at G&R's Tavern!!!
    Oh, never mind, guess that doesn't fit into the "healthful" part of this post, although I commend it and think that's it WONDERFUL to watch your son and daughter (in-law) run it, glad you are inspired!!! How did they do????
    Winter Marie
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    LOL, it came to me, Stricklands frozen custard!!! I've never seen another frozen custard place, but hope someone can clue me into where one is here in California!!! I'll never forget when my son was about 5 years old, we bought him a cone there, and he didn't want to try it, and his dad was making him try it (the only kid in the world who didn't want to try ice cream) and he cried(my son, not his dad), and while his little tears broke my heart, I was also laughing inside about a child who hated ice cream apparently. We DIDN'T make him eat it though after he tried a couple of licks and was still crying, Mommy sacrificed herself and ate it for him as well as hers. My son to this day still has a thing about sweets and ice cream and eats neither, what a strange but lovable now 24 year old child (I also got to eat and share with my co-workers his Halloween candy for years, my son loved trick or treating for candy, but never liked eating it).
    Winter Marie
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    Don't forget to root for the
    Don't forget to root for the Buckeyes on Saturday. When in Ohio do as .......... By the way what happens in Ohio doesn't stay there. Lisa