My mom has Liver cancer and they are not even really sure they are assuming it's from her bile ducts of her liver but if affects both lobes and is the size of a golf ball with tenacles extending from it all in all it's the size of a baseball with all the legs. She also has two lymph nodes affected as well. Her first chemo didn't work and nothing happened at all now they have her on Proflox her something to that nature she wears a fanny pack full of chemo and it goes to her port she wears it for 48hrs, but this chemo is more for colon cancer. Has anyone else used this type of chemo and did it help with the size of the tumor? Also she is experiencing tremendous pain in her side where her liver is and it's mainly after she eats, it gets so bad even pain meds don't work have any of you experienced this? Also she can't touch anything cold for 5 to 10 days after her 48 hrs of treatment if you have done this how long does the shock of cold usually last? Please help I know you are all going through this and it is horrible I couldn't imagine, but we are kinda of new to all of this. Thank you all for you help and support.