PSA results at 6 months post CK

Just heard from my Doc. and the news was great. My PSA at 6 months post CK treatment has dropped to 0.6 Here are my previous PSA numbers: Pre-CK treatment 4.4, 1 month post CK it was 1.2 as the Doc stated, I had a good response to the CK treatment. I am over the Prostititis attack that hit me a couple of weeks ago. It lasted about 9 days. I have heard from other CK patients that it may not have been Prostititis but a secondary side affect of CK on the lower bladder or urethera? Either way, it is gone and I am feeling great again. Just wanted to share the good news with all and to thank you all again for the support and caring expressed.



  • VascodaGama
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    Good news Silver

    You may expect a plateau followed by a decrease. This all represents a continuous success in the treatment.

  • Swingshiftworker
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    Congrats, Silver!
    That's great news. Looks like you're on the right track!