Colon Resection Question

HI to all new here, my dad just had a Colon Resection 3 weeks ago. I have a question has anyone experienced the constant urge for a bowel movement all day long? Dad hates this feeling, he doesn`t go alot but just has the urge all day. Does this go away, or what can he do to make the symptom go away ....any suggestions would be appreciated. My dad is 89, thanks you so much for any feedback, we are so new to this.


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    Colon Resection
    Hi Voyage,

    I did not experience the problem your Dad has about the constant urge. I would strongly suggest you call the Oncologist's office and ask the nurse. That is what they are there for and believe me you will not be the first to ask the question. Everyone is different and has different outcomes after the Colon Resection surgery.

    Hopefully, some others will reply here who have advice for your Dad.

    Please feel welcome and ask as many questions as you like. We are all family here!

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    Hi Voyage,
    I too had the urge to go all day. Do you think that your father may be constipated? It was my issue. I used maralax and prune juice. The constant urges disappeared,once I was able to empty out. If he thinks that this may be his issue as well, call the doc. and get his/her thoughts. This was my experience, perhaps, someone else will chime in with a different experience.

    Wow, 89 years old. Let him know that it does get better. It takes time. I'll be praying for the two of yous and once again, welcome.

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    That was my problem too---an
    That was my problem too---an urge to constantly go, with never completely emptying....seemed endless---and I'm half your Dad's age. One thing that is going to work is Time (had mine let down in October and am only now close to normal) and finding trigger foods---things that will make him go.
    Also found out about 8 months after the take down surgery that if I avoided wheat-based products, things seemed to flow better.
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    Thank You all
    I appreciate all your comments here, I will tell my dad. I`m sure I`ll be a regular here.
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    Having a reconnection at first I'd experice the urge many times but actually had to go. People go through a phathom period of feeling the urge. Have him sit on the toilet and then the urge will go away. It might take several months but going to the potty helps even though he doesn't go. It's the bodies way of trying to process a new system.

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    I was not 'regular" ever. Maybe inherited from me mum who died of colon cancer.

    I found the chemo left me with less urges which led to more constipation.

    I have always wondered what 'regular'/'normal' was.

    I hope to live to be 89.

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    Constant urge
    Hi, Hope all is well, I just joined and I am a colon cancer survivor of 5 years, and for me the urge never stops!....I had a resection and I have suffered with constant urges, and not only urges, but having to go all day long, I never know when the urge will strike, each day is different...but to God be the Glory, I am still here and glad to be one person wrote, it's hard to know what foods to eat, I pick and choose but each day is different, I have learned to live with it, and my gastroenterologist and oncologist say the same thing to live with it, but it's gotte a little better, I just don't travel too far without extra undergarments....Hoping your dad is doing great otherwise.....
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    Hi i had a resection 7 years
    Hi i had a resection 7 years ago. I had a constant urge. My surgeon told me the colon has a rythmn that the surgery screws up. so it has to find a new rythmn. he told me to eat more ruffage. i sprinkled something like wheat germ a couple times aday on cereal. the colon needs something to grap on to, to get back in a rythmn.good luck, Judy
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    Colon surgery
    My surgeon said these words to me "you will never be the same when it comes to your colon again, you need to understand it will be different from now on"
    Glad I had a honest surgeon, still freaking unbelievably happy I DID the surgery!!!!
    Winter Marie